Our philosophy

Sie sind unser Mittelpunkt

Der Patient als Person im Mittelpunkt

Unfortunately, it has not become unusual in modern medicine to reduce patients to their symptoms or their diagnoses.

In our healthcare system, sick people are even referred to as „cases“. This is not only degrading, but also determines the extent of the reimbursed costs, in some cases significantly how they are treated.

However, it makes absolutely no sense to regard all people with the same symptoms or the same diagnosis as identical. It is not possible to deduce from a diagnosis what special features the person concerned has. Not even which therapy is the right one for you, be it in terms of effort, costs or the treatment process.

Our goal is to alleviate or heal the symptoms and illnesses of our patients in the best possible way. It is important to us that you as a person are the center of attention with your own evaluation of your personal physical problem.

Everyone is different, has different experiences, different fears, different expectations.
The development and experience of pathological conditions are largely determined by the social environment, family, work, lifestyle, hobbies, level of activity, fitness and age. Psychological factors, such as traumatic experiences affecting one’s own fate or the fate of close relatives, can also influence health.

In our office, we attach great importance to getting to know not only your illness, but you as a person, as an individual. Not only to treat you with the appropriate dignity as our patient, but also to derive the right medical and optimal organizational needs from this.

Healing atmosphere – because in our environment love is in the detail!

Our office as part of your recovery process

Our surgical doctor’s office in the heart of Munich offers you individual and optimal care in a very relaxed and personal atmosphere. We attach great importance to offering you optimal time management. This means short waiting times and a generous time frame for the examinations and the discussions with all our employees.

As a doctor’s office team, we want you to feel comfortable and at home in our office rooms. We want to help you get well again as quickly as possible.
You should trustingly place yourself in our caring care based on many years of experience. Let us take away your doubts and fears and entrust us with your worries and wishes. We want to make your stay in our office as pleasant as possible.

The relaxing ambience of our office rooms and we, as a sensitive and competent office team, would like to contribute to your well-being. With the highest professional, medical and organizational quality, we ensure the perfect conditions for the successful treatment of your complaints.

Competence – because we know what we are doing!

Competence through experience and training

In our office, the professional clinical experience of over 50 years in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases is combined for you personally.

The competence of our surgeons comes, among other things, from their many years of work in leading positions in an attractive and qualitatively outstanding surgical clinic in Munich.
This specialist surgical center and academic teaching hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich has changed owners and names over the years.
However, the many different specialist departments, including general and visceral surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedics, sports orthopedics and accident surgery, remained constant. In addition, it contained a center for spinal surgery and a breast center with oncological and plastic surgery. All departments worked closely together on an interdisciplinary basis, so that all medical staff were required to have both general and specific surgical knowledge.
In the house there was a large surgical 24-hour emergency aid, a helipad and a modern shock room, an intensive care and ventilation station, as well as the Munich emergency doctor location with the most deployment trips.

Regular training and further education are not only required as proof of qualified medical work, but of course also very important for you as a patient to stay up to date with the latest medical developments.

We organize in-house training courses and regularly take part in national and international training events. We take reading specialist literature for granted.

Our surgeons act as lecturers and workshop leaders to pass on practical and theoretical content.

In our office you will find the concentrated medical experience of over 50 years in the field of surgery, both across all surgical disciplines and in particular.

Decades of routine in the surgical procedures performed are available to you in addition to first-class emergency medical expertise.

Continuous further education and training has the highest priority for us and if the content makes sense and is suitable for everyday use, we will implement it directly for you.

Treatment success – because competence and trust are the basis of our therapy!

Greatest treatment success through bundled competence

As a rule, surgical treatments are characterized by the cooperation of several doctors, each with a different level of training and knowledge.

On the other hand, our office offers you consistent first-class quality in every section of the treatment. Each step is performed by only one surgeon. Information could be falsified or lost between the many steps: initial consultation, physical and instrumental examination, diagnosis and explanation, discussion of treatment options, planning and preparation for the operation, the operation itself and the aftercare. All information is always available with us, without loss of communication and without loss of quality in the treatment chain.

Because it is of immense importance to know

  • how exactly the physical complaints express themselves,
  • which psychological factors play a role in you,
  • which examination results led to the diagnosis or which specific examinations still have to be carried out with which questions,
  • which treatment option was chosen because it best meets your individual needs,
  • that you have understood the intervention or measure and are aware of the risks,
  • that you are well and properly prepared for the procedure,
  • that the procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon with the greatest routine, taking into account your emotional needs with the highest standards of hygiene, safety, instruments and qualifications of the staff. And that with the most gentle surgical technique, with the smallest possible injury to the healthy tissue and, last but not least, with a beautiful aesthetic result.
  • how the follow-up treatment must look like due to the previous treatment with regard to the necessary behavioral measures and follow-up checks as well as additional therapy measures.

Discretion – because trustworthiness is a great asset for us!

One surgeon at your side for all aspects of treatment.

Some surgical diseases bring difficult and unpleasant side effects for the patients. Sometimes there are changes that look ugly and are noticeable to people around you. Striking smells, limitations in everyday life, long-standing or recurring wounds, pain or bad-smelling liquids or pus are examples of this.

Dealing with these annoying side effects is not always easy for patients; shame, embarrassment and insecurity often accompany the illness. Many patients feel reluctant to discuss this rather intimate issue with others, sometimes even with family members. They try to hide the illness as best they can.

Since we know this, we always deal with the wishes of our patients in our office with the greatest discretion and care.

In our office, it is particularly advantageous for the confidential aspect of intimate illnesses that the competence of the entire treatment is bundled in the hands of the same doctor, this applies to the collection of the medical history, the diagnosis, the therapy itself and the aftercare. Our patients really appreciate that about our office.

Appreciative communication – because empathy is a matter of course for us!

Honest advice, communication at eye level

The pathological change and its treatment options are openly discussed in our office during the consultation. As a patient, you are closely involved in the decision-making process.
Are you one of the many patients who do not want to deal with the subject in such detail? We respect that, of course, and that’s totally fine.

Holistic medicine – because your complete well-being is our vision!

Holistic view of the human being as a unity of psyche and body

No organ can exist and function on its own. Each is more or less dependent on the interaction with its environment and is influenced by it.
The human psyche essentially determines human health. The world of feelings and thoughts of a person has a direct influence not only on his well-being, but also on bodily functions and the perception of pain. On the other hand, the healthy or unhealthy state of the body significantly influences the world of feelings and thoughts of a person.

A person’s psyche and body are inextricably linked and influence each other.

Ignoring this connection and looking at just one aspect of an individual’s health can result in not choosing the ideal treatment approach. Then there is no or only an insufficient improvement in the symptoms.

The treatment of pain patients in particular regularly shows us an interesting aspect a thousand times over. While the imaging of the affected body regions remains unchanged, your experience of the disease has a huge impact on the occurrence of objective symptoms.

In our doctor’s office we treat your complaints holistically. The anatomical-physiological pathological changes are considered with special consideration of your emotional / mood and mental state. At the same time, only forms of therapy are used that are compatible with the well-known processes in the human body and its structure.