Blog on current and relevant topics of surgery at Stachus

A blog on current questions, guidelines, therapy procedures and research results from medicine and surgery

In conversations with our patients and with continuing education topics that we encounter in the everyday life of our practice, we often recognize questions and topics that are probably also of interest to other patients. We discuss these questions and topics in our blog.

The same goes for the development of medicine. New findings from examinations are put into practice. Experts develop guidelines for this. You as a patient benefit directly from it.

We also develop special offers for you in our practice that are often based on such new developments and treatment options. These offers are also content of our blog.

Current information in the blog for patients and physicians

We regularly discuss these new procedures, offers and current topics as well as questions from patients in our blog on our website. Here you and other interested parties, whether laymen or professionals, can learn about the latest developments in medicine and surgery.

Here you can find the blog entries.