Hernia surgery and abdominal wall surgery

We offer abdominal surgery in open or laparoscopic technique.
In our office, the most advanced methods of abdominal surgery are used with the utmost care and routine for our patients.

  • Appendectomies
  • Hernia operations open / laparoscopic – open-gap surgery open / keyhole technique
    • incisional hernias
    • umbilical hernias
    • abdominal hernias
    • inguinal hernias
    • femoral hernias
  • exploratory laparotomies / laparoscopies – cause-focused abdominal exploration by incision or keyhole technique
  • Cholecystectomies – gallbladder removal
  • Abdominal wall tumors – Tumors of the abdominal wall
  • Supply of abdominal wall wounds