Our unique practices


In our surgical practice you are in ideal hands with surgical questions.

We will take time for a detailed medical history (your medical history and complaints) and a thorough physical examination.

If required, we can carry out a detailed sonographic diagnosis of your abdomen, musculoskeletal system, soft tissues, arteries and veins.

Due to our very extensive surgical experience, the treatment of our patients‘ complaints can usually be offered completely by us.

Surgical Therapy

Surgical procedures are performed in our outpatient clinic, outpatient in various operating centres or under local anesthesia in our surgery, as required.

Conservative Therapy

Not all symptoms require immediate surgical intervention. We offer you qualified advice on the appropriate conservative treatment options and the right time for surgery if surgery is necessary and guarantee professional care in every case.

Our goal must always be your recovery and here all options are open to us.

Focus on the patient as a person,
trusting treatment,
highest surgical competence and
optimum collegial cooperation
– these are our principles

The relaxing ambience of our practice rooms, the empathy and competence of the entire practice team and the competent, discreet and trusting treatment, all create the optimal conditions for your successful surgical treatment!